The Adventures of WG Trunk Co in Shanghai, ChinaDynamic by nature and necessity, Shanghai is proof that the world's most populous city can be livable and loveable. Merchants and tycoons once sought their fortune here and it still has a whiff of opportunism and decadence. You'll still find the glamour of the past along the Art Deco Bund and French Concession's colonial boulevards.

WG Trunk Co enjoys the glitz and glamour of China’s premier city


Official country name:
People's Republic of China a.k.a 中华人民共和国 a.k.a Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó

Essential vocab:
How are you?: Ni hao ma?  //  Thanks: Xie xie  //  Cheers: Kam Bei!  //  Two cold beers!: Liang ping pijio – bingda!

Brews of note: Tsing Dao – China’s national beer

Favourite Bites: Yang’s shengjianbao 生煎包- Fry dumplings // Xiao long bao a.k.a Tang bao – Steamed soup dumplings

Random fact: Hundreds of Shanghainese parents assemble in People’s Park every weekend for the Shanghai marriage market with the resumes of their unwed children to negotiate potential hook-ups.

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Boat Moccasin in Navy
Bravo Pants in Ash
Charles Jacket in Blue Stripe
Charles Pants in Blue Stripe
Charles Vest in Blue Stripe
Clip Bomber in Moss
Cruiser Pants in Camel
Cruiser Pants in Navy
Key Ring in Bottle Green
Key Ring in Tan
Mechanics T-Shirt in Charcoal
Mechanics T-Shirt in Sage
Norwartt Sling Bag in Autumn Forest Print
Penny Loafer in Coconut
Smithton Vest in Mud
Trap Duffle in Toffee
Trap Duffle Mini Sage
Trap Duffle Mini Toffee
V0ID - V03 Watch in Brass with Brown Leather Strap