Train Station Mayhem – Sometimes the only way up is down…

melissa whillas

Posted on September 09 2013

Having booked an early train out of Barcelona, I had the smart idea to drink cerveza with friends and come straight to the train station. A 10 minute snooze at 4.15am turned into a 4 hour sleep... Bamboozled, I grabbed my bags and scrambled to the station. I soon confirm what I already knew - I missed my train. I find a seat and try and work out a plan B. I have a sip of warm whiskey I have leftover from the night before to try and ease this amazing hangover. Sometimes the only way up is down...


 Oliver Spencer - Pattern Shirt in Navy, Whillas & Gunn - Cruiser Pants in Navy - Whillas & Gunn - Trap Duffle Bag in Sage, Void - V03 with Black strap

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